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Veggie Magic!

Grow Nutrient Packed Food with Veggie Magic!

Veggie Magic Garden Soil is designed to enhance the nutrient content of your homegrown vegetables and fruits, making them more nutritious than store-bought produce. The soil mix contains a blend of organic ingredients, such as compost, crushed crab shells, and other natural amendments, which provide essential nutrients to the plants. These nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, are absorbed by the plants, and incorporated into their tissues.

In contrast, store-bought produce often undergoes long transportation and storage periods, which can lead to nutrient loss. Additionally, commercial farming practices may prioritize high yield and appearance over nutrient content, resulting in produce that is lower in vitamins and minerals.

Using Veggie Magic to grow your vegetables and fruits at home gives you greater control over the growing conditions and can ensure optimal nutrition. This can result in produce that is fresher, tastier, and richer in vitamins, making it a healthier choice for you and your family.

Veggie Magic Protects Your Garden! Here’s how:  

The crab shell and green sand in the Veggie Magic soil mix can help prevent chitin-related issues in your garden. Chitin is a substance found in the exoskeleton of insects and can be a food source for certain pests and pathogens. Incorporating crab shells into the soil mix introduces chitinase enzymes that break down chitin, making it less attractive to pests and reducing the likelihood of infestations. With its high mineral content, green sand can also create an inhospitable environment for pests and improve your plants’ overall health and vigor. So, including these ingredients in Veggie Magic can provide additional protection against chitin-related problems in your garden.

Veggie Magic Garden Soil is a fantastic blend of ingredients for your garden! 

Veggie Magic is great for enriching soil and promoting healthy plant growth. With topsoil and Leafgro, you can ensure a solid foundation for your plants. At the same time, the crushed crab shell provides essential minerals and keeps fungus from growing. Peat moss and pine fines contribute to moisture retention and improved drainage. Overall, Veggie Magic has all the necessary components to create a nourishing environment for your garden. Happy gardening!

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