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Fountains & Statuary

Add Elegance and Style to Your Landscape.

Adding a fountain to your landscape is the best way to bring it to life. The movement of the falling water and relaxing sounds it makes as it trickles down can be quite lovely.

When you purchase a Henri Studio Fountain, you automatically receive a 1 year warranty, so you know the company stands by their beautiful products. In addition, every fountain is made in the USA, in Wacaunda, IL. As each cast stone fountain is released from it’s mold, a single artist hand stains each piece. No two fountains are identical, they are truly works of art.

We have the areas largest selection of fountains, in all size ranges, from bold and stunning centerpiece fountains, to smaller accent fountains. If you would like to order a fountain or have questions, please call 301-977-7555.

In addition to our beautiful fountains we have cast stone statuary in all shapes, sizes, and themes. Our newest product line is Brass Baron statuary and pond spitters. Brass Baron pieces are made in the old wax casting method.

Fountains & Statuary