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Mulch & Soil

Premium Mulch & Soil Products

Customers love our mulches and soils because they are the best quality available. We go to great lengths to procure the finest and richest mulches and soils in the area. Many people think all mulch is created the same, but we are here to tell you they certainly are not! Some companies grind up what is essentially considered “trash”, and blend it in with their mulch. Grey Goose Farm will not buy from these suppliers! All of our mulch is double or triple shredded Hardwood! We sell our mulch by the bag and in bulk with a complete selection no matter which you choose.


We have natural double shredded hardwood mulch, and triple shredded. We stock double shredded colored mulch in brown, red, and black. For playgrounds we carry Certified Playground Mulch in bulk and in bags.

In addition, we carry bags of:
  • Pine Bark Mulch in chunk, large nuggets, mini nuggets, and soil conditioner. Ask about our premium Cedar mulch and Cypress mulch.
  • We stock premium topsoil that is a mixture of 75% topsoil and 25% Leafgro in bulk.
  • We have certified Leafgro in bulk and in bags.

Veggie Magic

In the Spring and Summer we mix our own wonderful garden soil that we call Veggie Magic. Veggie Magic has the best ingredients you can get for your garden: topsoil, manure, peat moss, green sand, crushed crab shell, and more! This rich soil will do wonders for your garden and cut down on the amount of fertilizing you need.


Bulk soil amendments are similar to mulch, and in some cases, they are made of the same materials. The difference is that amendments are for mixing into the soil and then decomposing. Mulch is for laying on top of soil and decomposing slowly, if at all.

The best kind of soil amendment is compost that you either buy or make yourself. Composted agricultural by-products are available in many areas and make excellent soil amendment or mulch.

If you’re making a new lawn, spread a 2-inch layer of compost over the soil and use a rotary tiller to cultivate it into the soil to a depth of about 6 inches. At this rate, you are adding 30 percent (by volume) organic matter to the soil.


Setting up delivery is very easy, just call 301-977-7555. We always ask our customers where to dump their bulk products on the driveway, and we always stack bagged products neatly. We never dump bagged products in a messy pile.

Ordering delivery of our products is very easy. Simply fill out the form and we will contact you to schedule a delivery. Make sure you include zip code for an accurate delivery quote. This is only a request order form; payments will be done when order is scheduled for delivery. We only deliver full yards

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